21 Days or Less

21 Days or Less


21 Days or Less
Hypnosis Brain Software

Turn Your Life Around in 21 Days Or Less

Do you feel like you could be achieving more in life?
Life is a one off opportunity and there isn't a minute that we should waste. If you feel that there is something holding you back from being the best you then this Hypnosis Program is for you.

It's time to break free and become the best YOU possible.

"I wanted to give you some feedback on your Perfect Health Audio. Over the last 2 months I have used the Perfect Health audio on a daily basis. Some changes I have made include: I now get 6 to 8 hours sleep very night up from 2-3 hours.
I have had dermatitis on a large area of my left leg for 4 years and that's now completely healed. I have had 2 tumours, one on my finger and a large one on my knee, both benign so Doctors said to leave it alone as after previous surgery the tumour grew back in my knee. The size of the tumour in my knees reduced by 90% and the one in my finger is gone. Bottom line, my husband and friends can see a big difference in me, all for the better. Thank you David Knight" - Marie Kingham

Hypnosis For Better Health Starting From Today
We all need great health right! You are about discover a remarkable advancement in medical science.

"I've been using several of your hypnotism audios over the past few weeks and the results have greatly exceeded my expectations. I've already been able to make several important changes which would not have happened without the audio, your encouragement and support." - Dawn - Canada

The Health and Wellbeing Program
Currently this technology is available to help destroy
stress, build better health and delete pain.

Quantum Mind Code Programming is not expensive as it can be delivered worldwide through the power of Hypnosis Audio or Hypnosis Brain Software as we call it.

Our claims are big and so is our support and our guarantee.

This science and technology is still in development and we cannot make any promises to make a specific individual cure but I'm sure you will agree that your chances of health and wellness are better when your mind is positive.

"My business was being destroyed by my self limiting fears and yet after following this 21 Days or Less program I am again back on track and feeling amazing The results have been incredible and I highly recommend this program." - John - UK

The 21 Days or Less Program Consists of
20 Hypnosis .Mp3 Downloads

The Hypnosis Circle Instruction E-Book
(Valued at £100)

Facebook Personal Hypnosis Coach Support

"Since purchasing the audio and joining this group I have become more positive and less stressed. I am more confident at work and Ive stopped thinking about what's behind me and I'm focused on whats in front. Every night I use the audio I'm ready for another attack of success the very next day. Highly recommended, try it." - Nigel - UK

4 Months Personal Hypnosis Coach Support

Through the power of Facebook David Knight will be there to guide and support you every step of the way. Never underestimate the power of a coach that will make you accountable for change. Often we do not have people around us who support and encourage us to perform at our best. Less than 5% of people set goals and out of those that do over 50% fail.
The statistics show that with a life coach encouraging and guiding you the chances of you succeeding at your goals increase to over 90%. Game on!

Although Facebook isn't necessary we highly recommend it as a way to get full benefit from the support program.

"I love the Hypnosis for Health audio. I have listened to every night since purchasing it. I have seen a big difference in my health. I have tried other hypnosis audio but can honestly say yours is the best by far. Thank you for your help." - Maryelen - UK

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With our first class video conference support you can connect live to your personal Hypnosis Coach in seconds. Video coaching allows face to face contact to guarantee your success. All you need is a good WiFi connection and you can be online with your coach with no added program costs involved.

This 3 month personal coaching program will include a personal one to one 30 minute video call and 3 group video calls to ensure you are using the program to create the best health possible.

"My life was being destroyed by fears that wouldn't allow me to leave my home. Thanks to David Knight and these incredible Hypnosis Brain Software Programs I now have new confidence, new power, a new job and a new life! This is truly remarkable. My thanks will never be enough for what you have enabled me to do." - Nicola - USA

Our Top 20 Hypnosis Downloads
As part of the 21 Days or Less Program you will receive our top 20 hypnosis downloads. 20 Hypnosis Audio Downloads to blast through limiting beliefs allowing you to break through only negative programs and take control of your future.

Pure Relaxation
The Head Cleaner
Energy Boost
Sleep Well
Remove Addictions
Destroy Fears
Stop Worrying
Panic Attacks
Confidence Boost

The Power to Visualise
Attract Success
Positive Thinking
Positive Changes
Self Sabotage
Public Speaking
Memory Enhancement
Stage Confidence
Positive Winning Attitude

"I have used a big range of this audio along with the affirmations from confidence to weight loss to stress management. I listen to them all on a regular basis and my life has been completely turned around. Healthier, happier, slimmer and more confident thanks to David Knight and his team. Thank you so much." - Lynda - UK

Order and Download Now and Save a Massive 66%
Order online below with pay pal or credit/debit card and you can download the e-book and 20 hypnosis downloads instantly along with the 3 Quantum Mind Code Health audios. We recommend downloading the e-book and audio onto a computer first but they can be then transferred to smart tablets and smart phones.

1. 3 Hypnosis E-Books
2. 3 Quantum Mind Code Audios
3. Top 20 Hypnosis Downloads
4. Coach and Facebook Support

Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Order today and receive a
50% discount
Valued at £200 but today just £100

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1. Hypnosis E-Book
2. Top 20 Hypnosis Downloads
3. FaceBook Support

Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Order today and receive a
50% discount
Priced normally at £200 but today just £100

"Thank you for your 21 Days or Less e-book and audio program. I have been using the audio and affirmations for pain relief and today I am in less pain than I have been in for the past 22 years. This program has been so valuable and has changed my life, thank you." - Bill - USA

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